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Into a line of inquiry boutique underwear
Five years ago, the concept of the "underwear high-quality goods" is put forward, in the following few years, the high-quality goods underwear has become a new category of underwear industry, constantly being mentioned, "boutique underwear" also became a synonym for "high quality" underwear, and was considered to be the new wealth gathered depression basin.
But at the same time, quality and cheap underwear market is, the consumer demand for high-quality goods underwear has not yet been fully awakened, boutique underwear the lack of appropriate channels, brand consciousness is weak, not enough publicity once make high-quality goods such as underwear in the hot market position. Compared to other underwear, it is easy to become consumers abandoned, agents to ignore products. How to make high-quality goods underwear flying off the shelves, the successful capture of consumers, become a high-quality goods within ?
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